Fundraiser Events



A FUNdraiser on the lanes is a great way to raise money for:

Clubs • Sports Teams • Fire Departments

Here’s How it Works:

  • You bring in a group to bowl 3 games for a FUN day or night social activity.
  • You charge $20.00 per bowler; we collect $8.00 per bowler. That makes your profit per bowler $12.00!
  • If you want to make additional money, you are free to charge more $$ per bowler and keep the extra. The more you charge the more you make. We still only charge $8.00 per bowler.

Ways to Supplement Your Fundraiser for Additional Profits:

  • Run 50/50 raffles while the bowlers are bowling.
  • Have a “Chinese Raffle” with baskets and donated items that people can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win these items.
  • Have individual bowlers or teams get donations of $5.00 or $10.00 for their bowling team. You’ll keep all the profits!


Call Jake’s Village Bowl to book your event at 920.583.3838